Fall 2022 roundup

Here is a roundup of my most recent editorial illustrations:

A portrait of Jane Addams for re:Porter Magazine
An illustration of Hull House in Chicago for re:Porter Magazine
Portraits of architects for Ottawa Magazine
Portraits of employees for Digital Stronghold
Fall bucket list illustration for WBEZ Chicago
Illustration for a fictional story about storm drainage for Skeleton Park Press
Portraits of academics for Dim Sum Co.
Portraits for Diablo Publishing

Halloween illustrations

I had a great summer this year, but I’m always excited for my favourite autumn season. Joel and I put on a big Halloween display at our house, and I look forward to it every year when the kids fill the streets by the hundreds for trick-or-treating. Here are some unashamedly Gothic Halloween-themed illustrations:


Portrait of Edgar Allan Poe

Society for the Protection of Birds

lllustration depicting bird saviour Emily Williamson who co-founded the Society for the Protection of Birds in the late 19th century. As a result of her campaigning, the use of exotic bird feathers in hats decreased over time.

Portraits for Nob Hill Gazette

Here are some portraits of notable art world people for the May 2021 issue of Nob Hill Gazette.

Latest work

Just keep busy, just keep busy…Here’s some new editorial work:

Portraits of real estate agents for Ottawa Magazine.

Peanut O’Clock. How a beagle tells time.

The contents of a sewing basket.