Commercial Observer 2021- 4th year in a row

I’ve been fortunate to be able to illustrate portraits for Commercial Observer for four years in a row now. Here are 20 portraits of real-estate bigwigs for their 2021 Lenders Issue

Portrait factory on my drafting table

Halloween illustrations

I had a great summer this year, but I’m always excited for my favourite autumn season. Joel and I put on a big Halloween display at our house, and I look forward to it every year when the kids fill the streets by the hundreds for trick-or-treating. Here are some unashamedly Gothic Halloween-themed illustrations:


Portrait of Edgar Allan Poe

Wistman’s Wood

Here is a travel illustration I did as a portfolio-piece about things found in Wistman’s Wood, a mystical section of forest in the Dartmoor National Park. There is a legend that a fanged dog roams the wood!

Portraits for Nob Hill Gazette

Here are some portraits of notable art world people for the May 2021 issue of Nob Hill Gazette.

Rootitoot portrait for Chatelaine

I illustrated a portrait of Ruth “Rootitoot” McCusker for Chatelaine magazine. Ruth was an Instant Pot guru who recently passed away. I learned a lot about Instant Pots while researching items for the background. I’ve never used one, but a lot of people are passionate about them…and apparently you can make cheesecakes in them!