Mid-winter 2024 update

This winter has been one of the mildest on record. We can hardly even have called it winter, because it was mostly rain and mud. I think this season should have been called Mid-Mud, or Mud-something.

Anyway, good thing I had these latest projects to keep me busy:

Spots for Seattle Met

Wolves circling, for an article about eviction in Kingston, ON. For the Skeleton Park Press,

Portrait of novelist Kim Thúy for Canadian Geographic.
Polka Spudz in Barry’s Bay, ON for Every Chip Stand.
Perky’s Fish & Fries Too in Elmvale, ON for Every Chip Stand.
A&K Lick-a-Chick in Little Bras d’Or, Nova Scotia for Every Chip Stand.

The year in review 2023

This year I actually felt like I needed a break during the holidays. November and December were extremely busy with deadlines, getting ready for the Fat Goose Craft Fair with our Every Chip Stand project, and sewing for a costuming event. I’m happy with the illustrations I churned out this year but feel like it’s not a lot to show for 365 days.

Here is a gallery of pretty much everything I drew this year, either for editorial clients, or gifts for family, or plein-air in England or for Every Chip Stand. At the end, enjoy a few of my costuming projects.

Plein Air Sketching in Northern England

Joel and I returned to England again this spring, but this time we headed north. We toured Manchester, the Lake District, Yorkshire and finished in the Peak District. The weather somewhat co-operated, but we persisted anyway and managed to do six sketches. Is there anything more pleasant than sketching in an English garden and/or countryside? No, I don’t think so 🙂

Fall 2022 roundup

Here is a roundup of my most recent editorial illustrations:

A portrait of Jane Addams for re:Porter Magazine
An illustration of Hull House in Chicago for re:Porter Magazine
Portraits of architects for Ottawa Magazine
Portraits of employees for Digital Stronghold
Fall bucket list illustration for WBEZ Chicago
Illustration for a fictional story about storm drainage for Skeleton Park Press
Portraits of academics for Dim Sum Co.
Portraits for Diablo Publishing

Sketching in Iceland

Joel and I recently rented a campervan and toured around the Westfjords and a bit of the north of Iceland. We had a fun trip, but the weather was definitely not conducive to plein air sketching (rain and gale-force winds) but we managed to get four paintings in regardless.

Prints are available in my Etsy shop