Timelapse video

I’ve been wanting to make a timelapse video for years…but it’s always been complicated; first to film with a decent video camera, then find the editing software that will accelerate the frame speed, teach myself film editing, etc. And then the iPhone 6s came along with timelapse built-in! And the app for iMovie is free. How simple it now is! It condensed a two-hour process into 1:37 minutes. Technology is crazy amazing sometimes.

I thought it would be fun to film myself drawing one of my Victorian Ladies. All my illustrations are basically a five-step process: pencil, ink, watercolour and finally pencil crayon with gouache accents. Hopefully you get a sense of that from this video.

music credit: The Cello Song by The Piano Guys

Final illustration

Victorian ladies

One of my favourite things to do in my sketchbook is to draw from old black & white photographs of Victorian ladies. I like to imagine the colour their outfits would have been, and I’ll often add or subtract details to the costumes, hair and faces. Most of these are drawn on Stonehenge paper in ink, pencil crayon and white gouache for accents.

Here are a few recent ones:lady4_web