Watercolour ice



These last ones are the last watercolour paintings I’ve done, and it’s mighty ambitious if I do say so myself. The reference for this is a photo of two pieces of ice in Iceland (har har) taken by my mother a few years ago. The challenge was making the ice look translucent but also incorporating all the interesting colours in the ice. I’m not aiming for high realism and like everything I do, it has a graphic element to it. I am quite happy with the result. glacier1_web glacier2_web

Plein air in and about town


Stewart Park in Perth, ON, one of the most beautiful parks I’ve ever seen with mature willow trees and a creek running through it.

Joel and I like to get out once in a while to do some plein air drawing (translation: drawing outdoors). This summer has been good for that so far because we’re finding lots of things we want to draw in the Westport area. Below are a few of my (Chantal) drawings.


Westport is a hotspot for boats in the summer. This is a funny little “gas station” at the Westport marina.

Folio Society competition

My favourite book publisher, The Folio Society, holds an annual illustration competition to illustrate one of its upcoming title. This year was Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber, a gothic retelling of fairytales so I thought, why not. I’ll try my hand at this one, since fairytales are one of my favourite subjects to draw and I’m a bit of a folklore nerd.

Because the retelling was gothic and rather dark, I poured on the black ink with washes of watercolour. I also had a few of my lovely students pose for me. I didn’t win, but I’m very glad I entered and feel very satisfied with these pieces, especially the first two.

Illustration for The Bloody Chamber

Illustration for In The Company of Wolves

Illustration for Puss In Boots

The competition also had us designing the jacket. The Folio Society puts out beautiful hardbound editions so I imagined this design in black linen with gold and red hot foil. Hot!

Shepherd in Residence

Recently I illustrated a little book about sheep called Shepherd in Residence by Elizabeth Creith. I did the cover illustration and book design, as well as interior illustrations. I had never really drawn sheep before (at least, not this many) but these were a lot of fun.

Pick up a copy of the book on Amazon and Indigo.

Cover for Shepherd in Residence

Interior illustration. Yes, that’s a crow perched on a sheep.

This poor sheep was stranded on a ledge near a dam. Interior illustration

Sheep having their dinner. Interior illustration

Front jacket illustration and design done by me.

Back jacket design, also by me.

Printed interior illustration