Summer Plein Air






Every year September rolls around and I go “What? Already?!”. This summer was a good one for plein air drawing, even though Joel and I always feel like we could do more. Plus, he just bought me the artist-quality Winsor-Newton compact watercolour set for my birthday and I haven’t tried it out yet!


The following drawings were done in and around the Westport, ON area and on our Pacific Northwest road trip.allanmill_web vistahouse_web gypsy_web perth_web



In June, Joel and I roadtripped down to Providence, RI for the ICON conference. While Joel spent the afternoon attending panels, I decided to go plein air sketching. Below is the result. I was smart and brought my folding stool, sketched in the park across the street and finished the watercolour in a cafe nearby.
Sketch at the corner of North Main St., Providence, RI

Joel and I at the ICON closing night party