Spread for Avenue Magazine

I had the opportunity to work with AD Venessa Brewer on Avenue’s  holiday gift guide spread. It features my portraits as well as several line drawings that were incorporated with the product photos.

I had so much fun working on these drawings!


Hand drawn cards

Sometimes I think it’s funny that I started a greeting card company because I basically have never bought a greeting card in my life: I have always drawn or made them by hand, which I suppose makes sense. Some of my friends and family are fortunate enough to get an original hand drawn cards (I hope they think so too!).

Here is a selection of illustrated cards:

This card is a French language play on words. I wanted to congratulate my friend on becoming a lawyer, and the French word for lawyer is “avocat”, which also mean “avocado”. Hence, an avocado in a party hat. Done in ink and pencil crayon.

We dogsat my friend’s dog over the winter while her family wintered in Mexico. This is a birthday card featuring an illustration of her dog in a Mexican sombrero.

This is a simple “raising a cup” to my friend for graduating from law school.